History of MCCAM

On May 1, 2011 the Town of Middleborough took responsibility through the Permanent Cable Committee (hereafter referred to as PCC) of the local PEG Access channels (Public, Education and Government channels). The new municipal studio is called Middleborough Cable Committee Access Media (hereafter referred to as MCCAM).

Channel Assignments

Channel Assignments Are on Comcast and Verizon:

  • Public Access - channel 95 (Comcast), channel 35 (Verizon)
  • Education Access - channel 20 (Comcast), channel 33 (Verizon)
  • Government Access - channel 9 (Comcast), channel 34 (Verizon)

Permanent Cable Committee (PCC)

MCCAM is run by the PCC of the Town of Middleborough under the authority
of the Issuing Authority (the Board of Selectmen). This committee was formed in 1985. The PCC consists of nine regular members appointed by the Board of Selectmen and one non-voting member (the current Cable Access Administrator). Karen Foye is the Cable Access Director for the Town of Middleborough. The MCCAM office is located in the Middleborough Town Hall Annex, 1 South Main Street.

More Information 

If you have any questions on how to volunteer, post a bulletin board message or submit programming to be seen on MCCAM, email Karen Foye or call at 774-766-6350.