Permanent Cable Committee


Permanent Cable Committee meetings are held at the old MCCAM office in the basement at the Town Hall until the new studio location renovation at the Middleborough Town Hall Annex, 20 Center Street are complete.


  • Bob Silva, Chairman 
  • Steve Callahan, Vice Chairman
  • Donna Bernabeo 
  • Bob Denise 
  • Nicolas Guarda 
  • Adam Pelletier 
  • (three available seats - contact the Middleborough Board of Selectmen if you are interested in joining the Permanent Cable Committee) 

    MCCAM Staff
  • Cable Access Director - Karen Foye
  • Video Production Technician - Zack Grundy


MCCAM is run by the Permanent Cable Committee (PCC) of the Town of Middleborough under the authority of the Issuing Authority. This committee was formed in 1985. The PCC consists of nine regular members appointed by the Board of Selectmen and one non-voting member (the current Cable Access Director). Karen Foye is the Cable Access Director for the Town of Middleborough.