Starting a Business in Middleborough

Lauren Pelzer started her first business, Take Heart Tattoo, in Downtown Middleborough

Lauren Pelzer recently opened  her first business, Take Heart Tattoo, in Downtown Middleborough
Are you planning to start a business in Middleborough?  You've come to the right page!  This page has information that will help guide you through the Town's permitting process.  Additionally, the page includes excellent resources on starting a business in Massachusetts. We are excited to have you open your business in Middleborough!

What to Know about Middleborough Permitting

Here are steps to take when opening a business in Middleborough
  • Any person conducting business under any title other than the complete real name of the owner, whether individually or as a partnership must apply for a business license with the Town Clerk.  Please note the application approval includes getting a sign-off from the Treasurer (to ensure there are no owed taxes or fees), Building Commissioner (to make sure your business is allowed at the business address and see if building permits are needed), and the Board of Health (if applicable)
  • If you plan to incorporate, you must file with the Secretary of State.  If your business is incorporated, you do not need a business license from the Town but you are welcome to do so.
  • You should review our Guide to Permitting in Middleborough which has valuable information about locating a business here.  

Helpful Startup Resources

Even before you file your business structure, there are steps you should take to ensure you are making the right decisions.