What if my registered Home Improvement Contractor does not have a Construction Supervisor’s License, and the project requires a CSL holder, what do I do?

Most construction projects will require both a licensed and registered contractor. A contractor possessing only a home improvement registration may perform only small projects that would typically be considered ordinary repairs to a property (such as painting, wallpapering, repairing existing decking and similar jobs). Larger projects, such as building a deck or an addition to an existing home or any project that includes structural work (to an existing single to four family, owner occupied home) would require both a license and registration. However, the license and registration may not necessarily be possessed by the same person. AAA For example, a registered contractor could subcontract larger projects to another individual and / or company as long as that individual or company possesses both a license and registration to perform the work.

Licensed & Registered Contractor

The important thing to remember is that most construction work performed on your single to four family, owner occupied home will require the services of a licensed and registered contractor and that the registered contractor is required to secure the permit for such work, clearly listing the subcontractor if he / she is to act a s the supervisor of construction (in possession of the construction supervisor license). Homeowners who secure permits for such work under the homeowner exemption clause may forfeit all protective rights identified by M.G.L, c. 142 A (The Rules and Regulations for Home Improvement Contractors).

Homeowners should make sure that the contractor and / or all subcontractors that will be employed are appropriately licensed and registered. The municipal building official will also ask to see both the license and registration of a contractor (or contractors) at the time of building permit application is filed.

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