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1. For which projects are building permits required?
2. Does the Building Code define minimum requirements for building plan submissions?
3. What is Home Improvement Contractors (HIC)?
4. What is the difference between a HIC and a CSL Contractor?
5. Why should I hire a registered home improvement contractor?
6. What if my Home Improvement; Contractor does not have a Construction Supervisor’s License, and my project requires a CSL license?
7. I am having my roof replaced or replacement windows or siding work done. Will I need both a registered Home Improvement Contractor and a Construction Supervisor’s Licensee?
8. If I am building a new home (new construction), will I need a Home Improvement Contractor?
9. What is a Building Permit?
10. Are permit inspections and final inspections from the Local Building Departments required?
11. Who is responsible for making application for the permit?
12. My contractor told me I need to obtain the permits for my construction. May I obtain the relevant permits from my local building department, or is the contractor required to do that?
13. What if I choose to do the work or hire unlicensed, unregistered persons?
14. What if my registered Home Improvement Contractor does not have a Construction Supervisor’s License, and the project requires a CSL holder, what do I do?
15. Do you need a Construction Supervisor’s License and a Home Improvement Registration to construct an addition to an existing home?